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  • Enuresis Clinic
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Service Hours

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:00-12:20 ×
14:00- ×
15:30-18:50 × ×
General Practice/Allergy
No prior appointment required
Infant Health Checkup
Prior appointment required (Appointment can be made for the next 4 weeks)
  • * Please make sure to come at least 10 min before our service hours end (Hospital Director might be out of the office right after the hours due to conferences/external checkups)
  • * Closed on Sunday/National Holidays
Contact Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00
Sat 9:00-14:00

Appointments/Inquiries can be made by a phone number above.

General Practice/Allergy

  • Reception Hours 9:00-12:20 (Mon-Sat)
  • Reception Hours 15:30-18:50 (Mon-Fri)
  • Reception Hours 13:30-14:50 (Sat)

This is a walk-on service. Please drop in within reception hours.

In case Vaccination/Checkups desired within General Practice
a.m. 9:00-12:00 (Mon-Sat)
p.m. 15:30-18:00 (Mon-Fri)

This is a walk-on service. Please drop in within reception hours.

Vaccination/Infant Health Checkup

  • Reception Hours 14:00- (Mon-Fri)
  • Reception Hours 13:30- (Sat)
Eligibility Pre-school age children, those who have their first vaccination

Appointment system. Please book online or by phone prior to your visit.(*First visitor can make appointments only by phone) Appointment can be made for the next 4 weeks.

This hour is for vaccination/checkups only. Those who have cold symptoms are not acceptable.

  • Patients cannot take their baby carriage inside the consultation room.

    Please leave a baby carriage in waiting room. Make sure to carry valuables with you all the time.
    Please let us know if you need any help. We are always very happy to help you. Sorry for inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Those who will have vaccination or checkups, please bring “maternal and child health handbook” and medical interview sheet.





  • 〒158-0094
    15-6, Tamagawa 1 chome, Setagaya, Tokyo
  • +81-3-6431-0205


7 min walk from Futakotamagawa Station East Gate (Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line/Oimachi Line)