FluMist (vaccine that is sprayed into the nose) will be in stock from late October.


We will start the booking service on November 1st(Tue). Booking will be accepted by phone call only.
If the stock is delayed, we will get in touch with you via phone. Please give us phone number in advance.

• Contact:

[Frequency/Intended recipient for FluMist]
Only once, generally(patient who never experienced influenza immunization before will take twice with 1 month interval)
Please kindly check conditions below for acceptable recipient.

• Conditions:
(1) Must be at age from 2-49 on the day of immunization (2) Asthma-experienced children under age of 5, or anyone who experienced Asthma within 1 year is not acceptable.

We do not recommend FluMist if the recipient have rhinitis or cry with discomfort, as the mist will not perform effectively.